My new Daily driver – May 2023

I began the hunt for a newer truck in December 2022.  The trusty ’02 F150 we have been using to tow the horse trailer was loosing it’s battle with rust – the frame was doing it very good impersonation of swiss cheese…

The Ecodiesel equiped Ram brings the best of both worlds in a light truck – power to tow effortlessly as well as above average fuel efficiency.  I did a ton of research on the Ecodiesel drivetrain – it’s not without flaws, but overall, the deal on this specific truck was too good to pass up.

The truck was put to work just a few hours after we closed the deal – moving the horse trailer from its storage point to the barn – we had the first 4H horse show of the year a few days after this.

There was a laundry list of things the truck needed, but these would come in time.  None of these were critical, but would make it perform better in all aspects of how it would be used.  It would be my daily driver.  It would also be our primary tow vehicle for the horse trailer as well as any other “truck” type stuff.  It would not live the typical suburbian life that the majority of these trucks are used for – it will not be a Starbuck’s pavement princess…

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