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2023-05-25 16.15.41
My new Daily driver - May 2023
I began the hunt for a newer truck in December 2022.  The trusty ’02 F150 we have been using to tow the horse trailer was loosing it’s battle with rust – the frame...
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2023-10-20 18.51
A Ride Report – Wheaton’s Fall RTE – October 2023
Disclaimer – I wrote this during and after the ride, but life being what it has been, I realized that I never posted it – so this one falls in the “better (I hope) late...
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2023-05-05 11.25
Southeast Ohio ramble 2023
Southeast Ohio Ramble - 2023
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First Ride of 2023!
The weather finally reached a tolerable threshold to get out on the FJR. A run to the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron has become my tradition first ride of the season. Off season...
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2022-10-21 10.09
Slab Sammich - a Ride report
The slab sammich – a ride report. Prologue and Planning. When Wheaton posted his, “Y’all come eat” thread here, I thought to myself, “Self – a nice leisurely ride to SC in October...
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FJR1300 - PAIR Plates
Posted by users Festus and Rayzerman on on September 23rd, 2012. Significant info……. Original...
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