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2022-10-21 10.09
Slab Sammich - a Ride report
The slab sammich – a ride report. Prologue and Planning. When Wheaton posted his, “Y’all come eat” thread here, I thought to myself, “Self – a nice leisurely ride to SC in October would...
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FJR1300 - PAIR Plates
Posted by users Festus and Rayzerman on on September 23rd, 2012. Significant info……. Original...
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Posted by user Gixxerjasen on on September 22nd, 2022. Going to share a bunch of information here in case someone goes searching for it later. So, right before my trip...
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Ride Report - EOM 2022
FJR1300 Eastern Owners Meet (EOM) 2022 – Flatwoods, West Virginia. This year has had some peaks and valleys for us.  As I’ve shared in other posts, lots of family milestones...
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aug 2020 launch
Ride Report - August 2020.
RR – August 10-13th, 2020 – A waterfall and shipwrecks… Normally, the primary event in our August is the 4H fair – my duties include the logistics of transporting Hurricane Dolly and...
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smell the flowers
Ride Report - July 2021
Originally posted on August 3rd, 2021 – here. “ This is not a safe place.” – July 2021 at some restaurant in Wisconsin. Any ride- good or bad – begins as an...
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